There is no better site for a fisherman than to see a sudden explosion on the surface and the popper or swimbait being smashed while the reel starts to loose line rather rapidly. Be it a GT, Dogtooth, Red Bass, Coral Trout or Barracuda they simply cannot resist a surface lure that is properly displayed. Our boats are capable of going in to really shallow areas where those big GT's roam for their prey enabling us to cover the entire reef system. The "Atoll Fisher Team" will leave your muscles and backs aching courtesy of the fish we will help you land.


With plenty of dropoffs and channels all across the Maldives, Jigging always land you plenty of fish and quite often fish that can give you a real fight. Big Dogtooths, GT's, Barracudas and if at the right location Yellowfin Tuna take the properly worked jig with surprising regularity. Many potentially great spots remain to be explored where as per our findings big fish will surely be hunting for potential prey.


Every angler has their sights set on a successful day of fishing, but it’s more than just throwing some bait on a line and hoping for the best. There are different techniques used for every type of fishing, whether it’s inshore or offshore. As part one of our series on fishing techniques, let’s take a closer look at one of the most popular ways to reel in some nice game – trolling.

Fly Fishing

There are number of uninhabited islands and sandbanks around Ukulhas Island to fly fish. The main fly fishing destinations are within a 15-minute boat ride away from our island. Other parts of the atoll can be reached on full day trips, to enjoy unexplored sand flats. To provide you with the best fly fishing experience, you will benefit from the great knowledge on marine species and locations of our local guides.

Our Fishing Charter

The boats are 30ft center console customized sport fisher, with 300 HP with twin Yamaha 150 HP four-stroke Outboard engines. The boats are equipped to get you to the fishing holes faster than anyone else and to run the shallow waters where the big fish roam.

The boat sports a private toilet, as well as all other amenities that will make your trip comfortable and let you focus on fishing. Capt. Nihan will bring all the rods, reels, and tackle you need, and if you’d like to snorkel, that’s also an option, just remember to let him know in advance. If you’re an avid flyrodder and want to test the waters doing fly fishing, the captain will get you to the best spot, but you need to bring your own equipment.

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